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Do Guitar Picks Affect Your Tone?

Tone is a complicated beast… Anybody who’s ever spent time trying to mimic their favorite artist’s tone will tell you, every aspect of the guitar’s build, from materials, strings and the electrics within can and will have an overall impact on your tone. But it doesn’t stop there. Did you know that your choice of … Read more

Do Guitar Picks Wear Out?

Like comets and rainbows, a worn-out guitar pick is a rare sight.  If you’re anything like me, your picks don’t stick around long enough to get worn out, forever being lost to the void and replaced over and over again before they’ve had a chance to wear down… But for those of us who can … Read more

How to Stop Your Guitar Pick from Slipping & Spinning

Picture this. You’re jamming out with your bandmates. Everything’s going great and you guys sound like a million bucks. You’re getting closer. Closer to that solo, or complicated riff you’ve been working on for the last few weeks. You go to start playing and your pick slips from your hand and all of a sudden … Read more

The Best Guitar Picks for Alternate Picking (2023)

Anyone who’s ever tried learning how to alternate pick will tell you, it’s not easy. The only problem… it’s so damn useful.  You can find it in almost any guitar genre, from blues, to pop, metal, and even hip hop. Alternate picking is a highly versatile technique that any guitarist needs to have in his … Read more

The Best Guitar Picks for Both Rhythm and Lead (2023)

Guitar playing can be split into two distinct categories, lead and rhythm.  While most guitarists choose to specialize in one or the other, there’s a large majority of us who like to do a bit of both.  But since most of the gear out there is tailor-made for either lead or rhythm it can make … Read more

The Best Guitar Picks for Funk (2023)

If all you wanna do is play that funky music and play it right, you need to make sure you’re using the right guitar pick that compliments your playing style. Doing this can not only improve your sound, but can also make playing feel easier and more intuitive instead of awkward and cumbersome.  But playing … Read more