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Tips and Ideas for Storing Guitar Pedals

Who doesn’t love a good guitar pedal? I can remember buying my first one, a Vox Wah Wah that weighed a ton and ate batteries like they were Tic Tacs… those were good times. What wasn’t so good was how I used to store it. Or more specifically how I didn’t store it. I’ll be … Read more

How to Store a Guitar Without a Stand

Storing your guitar is an important, and sometimes overlooked, aspect of owning this instrument. With so many accessories on the market today designed to help you store your six-string, it can sometimes be a little overwhelming.  But what if you don’t want to use these accessories? What if money’s a little tight at the moment … Read more

How Often Should Guitar Strings Break?

Guitar strings break. That’s just a fact… The odd broken string here and there is not an uncommon thing for a guitarist to deal with. But at what point does it become too much? How often really, should your guitar strings be breaking?  For a properly maintained and treated six-string, you can realistically expect to … Read more

5 Reasons Your Guitar Goes Out of Tune When Bending

The moment when you bend the G string just right to hit the perfect blues note is glorious – the occasional following moment when you play the next lick and the guitar is out of tune is a worst-case scenario we all have been through.  The main reasons a guitar goes out of tune when … Read more

4 Ideas for Storing Guitars in a Small Room

When you’re not busy strumming away at your guitar or working on that new alternative picking technique, you’re gonna need a place to store your six-string that’s safe and reliable.  If you’re limited by space or a small room, don’t worry, there are plenty of storage options for keeping your guitar organized and ready for … Read more