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How to Fix Fret Buzz After Restringing

We all look forward to the snappy, bright tone of new strings, especially if old strings sound out of tune and dull. Amid the excitement, after a good half hour of restringing, you get the first chords to ring out nicely, yet notice a tedious buzzing sound when playing licks. It might be light in … Read more

Why Does My Guitar Buzz When Strumming Hard?

The first thing we naturally want to do when picking up an acoustic is strum some satisfying open chords. The guitar feels good on your hands, and you feel there’s nothing there could go wrong, going at it with all you’ve got. Sometimes though, you hear a tedious fret buzz when strumming hard and get … Read more

Do Old Guitar Strings Sound Bad?

Time is the ultimate tone shaper for your guitar. Among the many factors that make you sound better in the long term, like practice – old guitar strings can alter the tone of your guitar in a matter of weeks. Much has also been made of why and when you should change strings, and all … Read more