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Do Guitar Picks Affect Your Tone?

Tone is a complicated beast… Anybody who’s ever spent time trying to mimic their favorite artist’s tone will tell you, every aspect of the guitar’s build, from materials, strings and the electrics within can and will have an overall impact on your tone. But it doesn’t stop there. Did you know that your choice of … Read more

Do Guitar Picks Wear Out?

Like comets and rainbows, a worn-out guitar pick is a rare sight.  If you’re anything like me, your picks don’t stick around long enough to get worn out, forever being lost to the void and replaced over and over again before they’ve had a chance to wear down… But for those of us who can … Read more

The Best Reverb Pedals with Pre-Delay (2023)

There is much more to know about reverb than only the reverb type and mix knob when picking the right pedal for your rig. The most extraordinary reverb won’t compensate for poor tone or playing, yet the right unit with the proper settings can drastically enhance your sound and performance. A reverb pedal with pre-delay … Read more

The Best Reverb Pedals with Presets (2023)

Reverb is the ultimate tone maker or breaker. No matter how good the amp and pickups sound, the wrong delay setting can make the guitar feel like you it’s being played in a different building from the rest of the band; the right sense of space, though, is the ace on top that makes the … Read more

The Best Reverb Pedals with Trails (2023)

Smoothly switching from one effect to the other is one of the biggest challenges of performing live. A mistimed tap can hurt more than a wrong chord, especially if the change between tones is drastic. Having suffered this many times, I realized I needed the right pedal to truly nail a show, as a real … Read more