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The Best Delay Pedals with a Swell Setting (2023)

Whenever anyone mentions ambient guitar, a lot of reverb, tons of delay, and haunting volume swells come to mind. Out of the three, swells are particular, as they’re both a technique and an effect, and there are multiple ways to get a swell out of an electric guitar, one of which is using a delay … Read more

The Best Buffered Delay Pedals (2023)

A good delay pedal is the needed extra element to blend in with the band or stand out when it’s the guitar’s time to shine. The delay timing, tone, feedback, and mix are all essential to sound right, yet among all the specs, one often gets ignored but is just as crucial – the buffer! … Read more

The Best Delay Pedals with a Hold Function (2023)

A delay pedal can be used to support your sound and add that extra width and separation, or it can be the basis over which you build your entire performance. In the second scenario, a delay pedal with a hold function where the repeats never stop is one of the most valuable features in your … Read more

The Best Delay Pedals with a Tone Control (2023)

No matter how advanced and feature-packed a delay pedal is, the most important aspect is always how the repeats sound. Delay can make your guitar sound massive and add an extra level of interest to what you’re playing – yet that can only happen if the repeats are bright enough to cut through the mix … Read more

The Best Delay Pedals with an Oscillation Switch (2023)

A delay pedal is among the necessary nutrients in your guitar diet. There’s no complete pedal board without a good delay, and sometimes delay pedals come with extra functions like an oscillation switch that can shape your delay feedback in exciting non-traditional ways. A delay with an oscillation switch is handy for controlling the wild … Read more

The Best Guitar Picks for Alternate Picking (2023)

Anyone who’s ever tried learning how to alternate pick will tell you, it’s not easy. The only problem… it’s so damn useful.  You can find it in almost any guitar genre, from blues, to pop, metal, and even hip hop. Alternate picking is a highly versatile technique that any guitarist needs to have in his … Read more