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The Best Guitar Picks for Funk (2023)

If all you wanna do is play that funky music and play it right, you need to make sure you’re using the right guitar pick that compliments your playing style. Doing this can not only improve your sound, but can also make playing feel easier and more intuitive instead of awkward and cumbersome.  But playing … Read more

The Best Guitar Picks for Sweaty Hands (2023)

I’ve always said, there’s nothing more frustrating than a slippery pick that won’t stay put. From the stage to the bedroom, sweat can be a guitarist’s worst nightmare. It can make an otherwise tricky riff feel downright impossible, turn a plectrum into a slippery bar of soap and turn those beautiful silver strings a deep … Read more

The Best Overdrive Pedals for Vox Amps (2023)

In this fictional “battle” between British and American-style tube-driven amps, Vox takes an important place. Although some of the fundamental sonic characteristics prove their place within this category, Vox amps are still noticeably different compared to Marshall and Orange. In other words, they’re a bit more specific. This, however, doesn’t make them better or worse. … Read more

The Best Overdrive Pedals with Clean Blend (2023)

While it took some years to properly define what an overdrive pedal is, they’re now an integral part of many guitar players’ rigs. And although, in its essence, a pretty simple device, overdrive pedals come in many forms today, some bearing a variety of controls. And an overdrive pedal with clean blend is just one … Read more