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How Often Should Guitar Strings Break?

Guitar strings break. That’s just a fact… The odd broken string here and there is not an uncommon thing for a guitarist to deal with. But at what point does it become too much? How often really, should your guitar strings be breaking?  For a properly maintained and treated six-string, you can realistically expect to … Read more

Can You Mix Guitar String Brands, Gauges, & Materials?

You may have wondered, as I have when staring at the counters full of shiny and colorful string sets of different sizes, brands, and materials if you can mix and match guitar strings. What would happen if you got picky and went beyond the regular pack? You can mix and match guitar strings to get … Read more

How To Fix Fret Buzz on Lower Frets

So, you’ve picked up your six string and gone to shred out a lick on the lower frets but found everything sounds dirty and muddled. You swear you’ve practiced this riff before but no matter how cleanly you hit the notes all you get is that horrible, messy noise we all hate. Don’t panic. This … Read more

Fret Buzz Even with High Action? How to Fix It!

High action is sometimes the necessary adversity players learn to live with to avoid even the slightest fret buzz. You fight your way through the bends, build your calluses, and even start to like the nice fight the guitar puts in when you play it. However, what happens if you conquer the beast but get … Read more