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Are Stock Guitar Strings Bad?

It’s an age-old question… are stock guitar strings bad? You might have been told by an old teacher, or music store employee that the stock strings that came with your guitar aren’t as good as the ones you buy separately.  They’re not wrong, but they’re also not really right. Stock guitar strings aren’t always low … Read more

Can You Hear Fret Buzz Through an Amp?

If you’ve ever picked up an electric guitar with a low action at night and practiced without plugin it in, chances are you noticed your riffs sounded something in between a dry, snappy tone and a surprisingly loud fret buzz. Of course, you have played that guitar many times and never had any issue while … Read more

5 Causes (and Fixes) for Fret Buzz on One String

All guitarists deal with fret buzz at some point or another, but single-string fret buzz is a little… weirder. Usually, the mechanisms that cause fret buzz make it appear on every string, not just one. The main causes of fret buzz on one sting are: In the rest of this guide, let’s walk you through … Read more

Fret Buzz with a Capo? Here’s What to Do!

A capo is a great tool for any guitarist looking to change their sound and maybe play something new. But you might find that when you clip your capo to the fretboard and strum, all you get back is horrible fret buzz. Fret buzz from a capo can usually be solved by simply making sure … Read more

How to Fix Fret Buzz After Restringing

We all look forward to the snappy, bright tone of new strings, especially if old strings sound out of tune and dull. Amid the excitement, after a good half hour of restringing, you get the first chords to ring out nicely, yet notice a tedious buzzing sound when playing licks. It might be light in … Read more