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Why Does My Guitar Buzz When Strumming Hard?

The first thing we naturally want to do when picking up an acoustic is strum some satisfying open chords. The guitar feels good on your hands, and you feel there’s nothing there could go wrong, going at it with all you’ve got. Sometimes though, you hear a tedious fret buzz when strumming hard and get … Read more

How to Avoid Noise When Releasing a Guitar String

What makes a guitar player sound good isn’t just what they are playing but also what they are not playing. A common problem for beginner guitarists is that they create unwanted noise when releasing the string. This can turn what would otherwise be an impressive piece into a bit of a sloppy mess. So what’s … Read more

Hitting Unwanted Strings When Bending? Here’s What to Do!

Bending is one of the most widely used techniques when playing guitar, particularly solos and licks. A common problem with bending is hitting unwanted strings which completely ruins the sound. The main reason for hitting unwanted strings when bending is that you aren’t muting the strings you don’t want to hit. If you learn to … Read more