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4 Ideas for Storing Guitars in a Small Room

When you’re not busy strumming away at your guitar or working on that new alternative picking technique, you’re gonna need a place to store your six-string that’s safe and reliable. 

If you’re limited by space or a small room, don’t worry, there are plenty of storage options for keeping your guitar organized and ready for that next session. 

Unsure of what your options are? Let’s walk you through 4 ways to store a guitar in a small room…

Hang Them On a Wall

If you’re looking for a way to store your guitar in a small room, while still keeping it nearby and ready to play you might want to try hanging your guitar up on a wall!

Wall mounts are a great way to keep your guitar nearby while also freeing up that all-important floor space, in a small room. They can be firmly screw mounted to brick, drywall or any other type of material but brick tends to be the best and most secure option.

Choosing to wall mount your guitar is a great option for guitarists on a budget as it’s cheap and reliable. Look at it this way… for the price of a large pepperoni from Dominos, you can get yourself Amazon’s top-selling guitar wall mount (aff. link to Amazon).

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Something a lot of guitarists forget to consider when choosing to wall-mount their guitars is just how awesome a wall-mounted guitar looks. Acoustic, electric or classical, it doesn’t matter! A wall-mounted guitar can make a striking and unique piece of home decor while also being a practical storage option in a small room.

Plus! By hanging your guitar up, you keep it out of reach from young kids, pets, or just the general dangers of the floor. No more accidental knocks or little nieces and nephews turning the tuning pegs when you’re not looking. A wall-mounted guitar not only saves on space but can also be a safer storage option than other more traditional solutions.

Store Them Under Your Bed

If you’re a bedroom guitarist having to share your playing space with your sleeping space, storing your guitar under your bed might be the best option for someone in a small room.

While under bed storage is a reliable and cost-effective solution to storing your guitar, there are a few things that make it a little different from other types of storage:

  • Use a hard case (if you have one)

Keeping your guitar in a hard case is the best way to protect it if you’re planning on storing it under your bed. The hard case protects it from any unwanted knocks or bumps when moving it around and can help to keep it safe if you’re planning on storing anything else under your bed. 

  • Accessibility

One of the reasons I, and a lot of other guitarists, prefer not to store our pride and joy under our beds is simply because of accessibility. Storing your guitar somewhere you can’t easily see and get to it can really change the way you interact and then play with your instrument. 

If you’re the type of guitarist who likes to quickly pick your ax up, strum a few chords, and then carry on with your day you’ll want to keep this in mind.

Use a Guitar Rack

Probably the most common and well-known way to store your guitar is using a guitar rack. There’s a reason guitarists everywhere love to use them… they’re easy to set up, keep your guitar safe, and, depending on your needs, come in loads of different sizes.

The convenience of a guitar rack is what has made it such a popular choice for guitarists everywhere, especially when storing your guitar in a small room. Racks can hold as little as one guitar or as many as 5 in a neat and compact area, keeping them accessible and within reach at all times.

Where a guitar rack can differ from some of the other storage solutions on this list is in its price. Guitar racks are by no means an expensive piece of kit, but they do tend to be a little pricier than say wall mounts. Depending on the materials and size, guitar racks can start to cost a couple hundred bucks.

Take this multiple guitar rack from No products found., with its stylish mix of stained hardwood and acrylic being used to create an eye-catching and practical storage option for any guitarist in a small room.

No products found.

Or if you’re looking for more of a budget, “gets the job done” type of guitar rack, the Rok-It multi guitar stand is a great space-saving alternative. With a folding design and the ability to hold up to three guitars at one time, this will keep your hardware safe and stored without breaking the bank.

Use a Guitar Stand with Storage

It might be that you have more than just a guitar you’re needing to store in your small room and that’s where Bikoney’s adjustable guitar stand (aff. link to Amazon) with storage comes into its own.

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Compact and space-friendly, this versatile 4-tiered guitar stand lets you not only customize the storage space of your guitars but also gives you enough room to store your amp, any records or CDs you might still own, pedals, and odd pieces like picks and capos. 

Final thoughts

Nobody likes being in the small room and no matter how hard you might try, you can’t just magically make it bigger. But you can maximize the space you’ve been given with a dedicated storage space for your guitar. 

Besides, having a small room isn’t all that bad… sometimes being stuck in the little room is good for you, just ask Jack White.