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How To Fix Fret Buzz on Lower Frets

So, you’ve picked up your six string and gone to shred out a lick on the lower frets but found everything sounds dirty and muddled. You swear you’ve practiced this riff before but no matter how cleanly you hit the notes all you get is that horrible, messy noise we all hate. Don’t panic. This … Read more

Are Stock Guitar Strings Bad?

It’s an age-old question… are stock guitar strings bad? You might have been told by an old teacher, or music store employee that the stock strings that came with your guitar aren’t as good as the ones you buy separately.  They’re not wrong, but they’re also not really right. Stock guitar strings aren’t always low … Read more

Can a Guitar String Snap Cause an Injury?

For beginner guitarists, images of cut fingers and sliced eyes play in their heads every time they restring or tune up their guitar. When in reality, the dangers of a snapped string are very minimal.  When a guitar string snaps, it’s very, very rare that it hurts or causes any injury to the player. Of … Read more