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The Best Always-On Overdrive Pedals (2023)

Over the past few decades or so, guitar rigs have been getting more and more complicated. This also goes for those relying mostly on their pedalboards, anyone from enthusiasts or frequently gigging guitarists in smaller bands. However, in more recent years, things have been going back to simpler setups. And no, this isn’t only with … Read more

The Best Overdrive Pedals for Beginners (2023)

Now that you’ve learned some of the guitar and music theory basics, it’s time to start buying pedals. Of course, some will start to purchase stuff before they conquer all the basics. While this is not necessarily wrong, know that pedals are just expressive tools and won’t magically make you sound better. That also goes … Read more

The Best Distortion Pedals for Grunge (2023)

Grunge’s lyrical themes are complemented by a somewhat specific yet very diverse approach to composition. Of course, the genre is very guitar-centric and the guitar tone plays a huge role in sending the message across. The distortion is usually raw, inspired by old-school 1970s metal, often with a slightly brighter twist. Most often, it’s a … Read more