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Do Old Guitar Strings Sound Bad?

Time is the ultimate tone shaper for your guitar. Among the many factors that make you sound better in the long term, like practice – old guitar strings can alter the tone of your guitar in a matter of weeks. Much has also been made of why and when you should change strings, and all … Read more

5 Ways Guitar Strings Affect Your Tone

Do guitar strings affect tone, and if so, how? We have all stood in front of tens of colorful string set packages, different gauges, materials, and prices in a music store, asking ourselves these questions. Each packaging promises more sustain, more snap, or that they never break under extreme pressure. Is it all born out … Read more

Can a Guitar String Snap Cause an Injury?

For beginner guitarists, images of cut fingers and sliced eyes play in their heads every time they restring or tune up their guitar. When in reality, the dangers of a snapped string are very minimal.  When a guitar string snaps, it’s very, very rare that it hurts or causes any injury to the player. Of … Read more

The Best Electric Guitar Strings for a Warm Sound (2023)

If you’re looking to add some warmth to your guitar tone, choosing the right strings can certainly help. It is worth noting that your guitar and amp settings will make the biggest difference to your tone, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try out some new strings to find your sound. There are a few … Read more

Guitar In Tune But Strings Feel Loose? Here’s What to Do!

You’ve recently changed the strings in your guitar or perhaps bought a new guitar altogether. But something feels off… The guitar’s in tune but the strings feel too loose! There are a few things that can make the strings on an in tune guitar feel loose: In this guide we’ll take a look at each … Read more

How to Avoid Noise When Releasing a Guitar String

What makes a guitar player sound good isn’t just what they are playing but also what they are not playing. A common problem for beginner guitarists is that they create unwanted noise when releasing the string. This can turn what would otherwise be an impressive piece into a bit of a sloppy mess. So what’s … Read more